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Has your car broken down? Do you need help taking your car to the nearest mechanical workshop? Whether you’ve been in an accident or needs to have, your car towed someplace else. Tow Truck Dandenong is here to help.

We are your leading car towing service in Dandenong, and we can take your car wherever you need it to go. We have a team of experienced & qualified tow truck drivers who can handle any type of tow job.

Our company owns a fleet of tow trucks that are fully equipped to handle any situation. So whether you require a tow truck for a simple jump-start or to transport your vehicle across town, we’ve got you covered.

At Tow Truck Dandenong, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, affordable and professional service to our customers. We give free no-obligation price quotes (with no hidden fees), so you know exactly what you’re getting.

We also offer round-the-clock emergency service, so we’re always here when you need us.

If you need car towing in Dandenong, call us for towing Dandenong today. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

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Leading fast towing company in dandenong

We are your number one towing service in Dandenong with 24/hour towing and roadside assistance services.

We are a great place to get quality, honest and personalised service. We have a team of professional operators who are experienced and qualified to tow any type of vehicle.

Exceptional Customer Support - best prices

We make sure to keep customer satisfaction our number one priority. We offer competitive rates without compromising on quality or service. In addition, we also offer free quotes with no hidden fees.

Our services

Couple seeing car towed away by Towing Dandenong

24 Hours Breakdown Towing

Getting stuck on the road is a situation no one wants to be in, but Towing Dandenong is there to help when it does happen. We offer 24/7 emergency and breakdown towing services so that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. Wherever you may be and whatever emergency situation you may be in, we’ll be there to help.

Old Car Removal

If you have an old car that you need to get rid of, Towing Dandenong can help. We offer old car removal services that will take your car off your hands and dispose of it in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. We can even pay you cash for your old car, so it’s a win-win situation. Give us a call to find out more how this service works.

Old cars picked up by Towing Dandenong
Waiting for the arrival of Towing Dandenong

Roadside Assistance

If you run into trouble while driving, our roadside assistance service will help get you back on your way. We’ll send someone out to help you with whatever you need – whether a jump start, tyre change or lockout service. Our service covers all of the Dandenong area, so you can rely on us to help you out no matter where you are.

Specialty Vehicle Towing

We also offer specialty towing services for vehicles that require more care and attention. Whether it’s a vintage car or your luxury vehicle that requires a transport service, Tow Truck Dandenong can help. We have the experience & expertise to handle any type of vehicle, so you can be sure that your car is in good hands. We’ll get your vehicles towed safely and quickly to their destination.

Towing Cranbourne tow truck operator straps car on the tow truck
Towing Dandenong's Tilt Tray Tow Truck

Tilt Tray Towing

If you need to have your car towed, Towing Dandenong’s tilt tray tow trucks are your best option. With our tilt tray tow trucks, we can tow your car safely and quickly to its destination. Our tilt tray tow trucks are equipped with the latest technology, so you can be sure that your vehicle will be towed in the safest possible manner.

Equipment Towing & Machinery Transport

If you need to have a heavy item towed, Tow Truck Dandenong is the tow truck service for you. Whether you need to have your construction equipment towed or your heavy machinery moved, we can do it for you. We have the latest towing equipment so we can handle any job – big or small.

Machinery loaded on to a Towing Dandenong tow truck
Towing Dandenong heading from Dandenong to Sydney NSW

Interstate Towing

No matter where you need your car towed in Australia, Towing Dandenong can do it. We offer both local and long distance towing that will get your car to its destination quickly and safely. So whether you’re in Dandenong or elsewhere in Australia, we can help you out. We can transport nearly all types of vehicles, so matter what you drive, we can help get it to its destination in no time.

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Julie Myers

My car broke down in the worst spot. Called Towing Dandenong and they were there in a flash! Professional, quick, and so reassuring. They turned a stressful situation completely around. Absolute lifesavers

tania graham

When my car quit on me, Towing Dandenong came to my rescue within minutes. The driver was skilled and comforting, making a stressful ordeal much easier. Can’t recommend them enough for their speed and professionalism. Truly saved my day!

frequently asked questions

When you need a tow truck, choosing a company you can trust is important. It would help if you look for:

  • A company that is licensed and insured
  • A company with experienced operators
  • A company with a fleet of tow trucks that can handle any type of situation

It is also a plus if your company can offer night emergency towing service. You’ll never know when you’ll need a tow truck, so it’s essential to have a reliable company that you can count on. Someone who is available to tow vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can attend to calls even at night.

When you call Tow Truck Dandenong, you will be connected with one of our experienced operators. They will ask what type of service you need. They will then dispatch the appropriate tow truck to your location.

Our staff will stay on the phone with you until the tow truck arrives and provide instructions on safely securing your car onto the tow truck.

Once the car is loaded onto the tow truck, the operator will give you a final update and then drive or tow the car to its destination.

We also have flexible payment options, something you won’t find in other towing companies.

How’s that for great service by the best Towing Company in Dandenong Vic?

  • Park your car on a safe and flat surface and engage the handbrake.
  • Remove any personal belongings from the car.
  • Disable the alarm system.
  • Close all windows and sunroofs.
  • Turn off the engine & remove the key from the ignition.
  • If possible, inflate all of the tyres to their maximum pressure.
  • Warn other drivers by placing a warning triangle or reflective vest in front of the car.

If you have any questions about towing your car, give us a call.

There are different types of tow trucks available for use depending on the situation and the type of vehicle you need to tow. 

Flatbed Tow Truck

This tow truck is the most common type of tow truck.  It is excellent for transporting large or heavy vehicles. A flatbed truck has a large bed that the car is driven or pulled onto and then secured. This type of tow truck is best for non-running cars, as it can be challenging to get them onto the bed.

Wheel Lift Tow Truck

This type of tow truck uses a metal yoke to lift the front or back wheels of the vehicle off the ground. This tow truck is great for small or medium-sized vehicles and is often used for accidents or breakdowns.

Crane Tow Truck

This type of tow truck uses a crane to pick up the entire car and transport it to another location. It is typically used for large or expensive cars that need extra care when being transported. It is also helpful for cars stuck in hard to reach places.

Hook & Chain Truck

This tow truck uses a metal chain to secure the car and then pulls it to the desired destination. It is often used for illegally parked cars or has been in accidents.


This type of tow truck is specifically designed for towing damaged cars. It has a large crane used to lift and transport the car. Insurance companies often use this type of tow truck to move cars from accident scenes. Unfortunately, not all towing companies have this type of tow truck, so it’s best to ask before booking a service.

Tow Truck Dandenong is a leading towing service in the Dandenong area. We offer 24/07 roadside assistance services and a range of other services, such as jump starts, tyre changes and lockouts.

We are a trusted and reliable towing service with years of experience in the industry. Our operators are experienced and knowledgeable and will provide you with outstanding service every time. We are fully insured and licensed, so you can rest assured that your car is in good hands.

We also have a large fleet of tow trucks that can handle any type of situation. Whether you need a flatbed tow truck or a crane tow truck, we have the right truck for the job.

The cost of towing depends on several factors, including the type of tow truck, the distance to be travelled and the amount of time it takes to complete the job.

You can get an estimate by contacting Tow Truck Dandenong today. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote based on your specific needs.

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If you need a tow truck and want the best towing services in Dandenong, contact Tow Truck Dandenong today. We can attend to emergency calls from anywhere within Dandenong’s surrounding suburbs, from Dandenong South to Endeavour Hills, Melbourne and across the state of Victoria.

We are available 24 hours a day and have a fleet of tow trucks that can handle any type of situation. Our towing Dandenong operators are experienced and knowledgeable and can take care of towing, down-car removal, relocations and towing salvages.

Get your free, no-obligation price quote for all your towing needs by calling us!